• Kensuke Ikariya

    Representative administrative scrivener Kensuke Ikariya

    <Educational background/Qualification/Registration>

    Come from Akita city,Akita prefecture
    Graduated from Faculty of Law,Meiji University
    Japan Federation of Administrative Scriveners Registration No.08081772
    Tokyo Immigration Bureau Notification Number:
    (East) Line 09 No.35 132009200035

    • 2009

      “Fit legal administrative scrivener office”opened in Nishi-Shinjuku

    • 2012

      Moved to Meguro station square

    • 2013

      Moved to Ginza and changed the name to “Japan Leading Administrative Scrivener Office”

    • 2016

      Established Japan Leading Administrative Scrivener Corporation

  • Souichiro Manabe

    Administrative scrivener  Souichiro Manabe

    <Educational background/Qualification/Registration>

    Come from Hiromasa city,Aomori prefecture
    Graduated from Faculty of Law,Kokugakuin University
    Tokyo Immigration Bureau Notification Number
    (East) Line 21 No. 63 132021200063

  • Akiko Saito

    legal consultant Akiko Saito

    <Educational background/Qualification/Registration>

    Come from Hokkaido
    Graduated from Faculty of Law,Meiji Gakuin University

  • Simi Tian

    interpreter and visa consultant Simi Tian

    <Educational background/Qualification/Registration>

    Come from Taibei,Taiwan

  • Masanori Nakano

    Consultant Masanori Nakano

    <Educational background/Qualification/Registration>

    Former ambassador of Jamaica・Bahamas・Belize
    Former Consul General in Chennai