• Permanent residence visa

Permanent residence visa

Permanent residence visa

Those who want to obtain permanent residence

  1. 1:Hearing We will check the status of residence so far.
  2. 2:Proposal for application measures Establish a scenario to realize the application process
  3. 3:Schedule Determine a specific schedule
  4. 4:Pass the examination

Establish application measures

We will explain the guidelines (permanent residence permit guidelines) provided by the Ministry of Justice in an easy-to-understand manner by phone, email or chat.

Legal requirements

Good conduct

Having sufficient assets or skills to run an independent living It is recognized that the permanent residence of the person is in the interest of Japan.

We will consult with each item based on the past achievements for the above items.We will also provide notes and advice after acquisition.

Our administrative scrivener will go to the Immigration Bureau on behalf of the applicant, so it is recommended for those who want to concentrate on their main business or who are busy and do not have time.

We will prepare and prepare documents according to the situation, so the probability of permission will be high. It is recommended for those who are not good at Japanese or who do not understand the procedure well and who refused to apply by themselves.