• Family stay visa

Family stay visa

Family stay visa

For those who want to live with their family in Japan

  1. 1:Hearing Confirm current support ability and determine if visa can be obtained
  2. 2:Appropriate check Appropriate check of Japanese standards
  3. 3:Proposal for application measures Establish a scenario to achieve passing application
  4. 4:Schedule specific Decide the schedule
  5. 5:Pass the examination

About required documents

  1. ・Materials that demonstrate dependents’ ability to support
  2. ・Materials that demonstrate family relationships

For the above items,
we will consult with each item based on the achievements so far.We will also provide cautions and advice after acquisition
* High degree of difficulty such as obtaining a visa for the family of international students We have a lot of successful results regarding applications.

Our administrative scrivener will go to the Immigration Bureau on behalf of the applicant, so it is recommended for those who want to concentrate on their main business or who are busy and do not have time.

We will prepare and prepare documents according to the situation, so the probability of permission will be high.It is recommended for those who are not good at Japanese or who do not understand the procedure well and who refused to apply by themselves.