• Business management visa

Business management visa

Obtaining a business / management visa

In Japan, the leading administrative scrivener corporation
so far, management visa of “differences of knowledge and recognition” Upon application, such as “grasp the lack of status quo”
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Business management visa

Business flow

  1. 1:Hearing We will confirm the desired content.
  2. 2:Identify required items Identify required items upon acquisition
    * Items required to obtain a management / management visa
  3. 3:Establishment of application countermeasure plan Establish a scenario to realize application passing
  4. 4:Schedule Determine specific dates
  5. 5:Pass examination

Items required for business management visa

  • Secure business office
  • Preparation of capital (overseas remittance)
  • Establishment of corporation (establishment of company)
  • Notification to the tax office
  • Formulation of business plan

There is an agreement according to each item

Problem countermeasures and clarification

The Immigration Bureau’s examination requires detailed explanation of the following items

  • ・Business use authority
  • ・Business plan proof material
    (Ex: Export sales business: contracts with business partners, list of products handled, etc.)
  • ・Capital proof material

It is possible to identify in advance what points will be a problem in the examination.It is possible to proceed with preparation of documents that do not fail according to the guidelines of the Immigration Bureau

Business management visa

Consulting after obtaining a visa

After you get a business / management visa, you will be operating in Japan

  • ・Acquisition of business license approval
  • ・Accounting and tax filing
  • ・Next visa renewal application
  • ・Future permanent residence acquisition

We will formulate future action plans from various angles.

We will consult with each item based on the past achievements for the above items. We will also provide notes and advice after acquisition.

Our administrative scrivener will go to the Immigration Bureau on behalf of the applicant, so it is recommended for those who want to concentrate on their main business or who are busy and do not have time.

We will prepare and prepare documents according to the situation, so the probability of permission will be high.It is recommended for those who are not good at Japanese or who do not understand the procedure well and who refused to apply by themselves.