For those who work in Japan

Business management visa

Status of residence that allows you to set up a company (office) in Japan and develop your business

Person of interest, established a subsidiary of a foreign company in Japan, it is the management and management operational activities of the newly made an equity investment for the company established in Japan, it is the management and management business activities of Japan Those who invest in a company and are engaged in management and management business activities

Technology, humanities knowledge, international work

Resident status of being employed and working in Japan (including company officers)

General knowledge or culture, such as the humanities, thinking and sensibility who is the required practical activities are eligible (such as the understanding and planning of the local culture at the time of the goods exported to overseas from Japan) technical workers, professionals Those who are engaged in practical activities such as using multiple languages

Specifically, it covers a wide range of work such as language instruction, interpreters, trade workers, IT specialists, system engineers, infrastructure engineers, skill educators, etc.

Points-based preferential immigration treatment for highly-skilled foreign professionals

Under the pointed-based system,foreign nationals recognized as “highly-skilled foreign professionals”will be given preferential treatment.

Highly skilled professional (i)(a):Advanced academic research activities
Highly skilled professional (i)(b):Advanced specialized/technical activities
Highly skilled professional (i)(c):Advanced business management activities

Foreign nationals,who have been permitted entry and residence as a highly-skilled professional,are entitled to the follow types of preferential treatment

Highly skilled professional (i)
① Permission for multiple purposes of activities
② Grant of the “five years”period of stay
③ Easing of requirements for permanent residence
④ Permission for the spouse of the highly-skilled foreign professional to work
⑤ Permission for the parent(s) to accompany the highly-skilled foreign professional (professional to Japan under certain conditions)
⑥ Permission for a domestic worker to accompany the highly-skilled foreign professional (professional to Japan under certain conditions)
⑦ Preferential processing of entry and residence procedures

Highly skilled professional (ii)
a. In conjunction with the activities of “highly skilled professional (i)”,permitted to engage in almost all of the activities of statuses of residence based on employment
b. Granted an indefinite period of stay
c. Eligible for the preferential treatment of the above-mentioned (3) to (6)

Company evolution

After consulting, we will provide you with tailored services among the various types of legal persons, such as corporation, joint company, and institute. The materials required for the corporation establishment vary according to the sponsors and the company executive’s country. To complete the formalities quickly and easily, we will do our best to provide you with the assistance that you need.

In addition, after the establishment of the company, we will also offer you help for opening a corporate bank account and introducing multilingual tax law firms to you.

Other work visas available

Legal / Accounting Business Visa
A residence qualification established to accept professionals engaged in legal and accounting business from outside Japan in response to the international business development of corporate activities.
Foreign lawyer, foreign certified public accountant and other legal qualifications. Those who are engaged in activities related to the law or accounting that is supposed to be performed by those who have
Medical visa
A residence permit established to accept professionals engaged in medical business from abroad in response to the internationalization of the medical field .
Professor visa
A residence permit established to accept university professors from outside Japan for the purpose of improving and developing academic / scientific research. Conducting research, research guidance, or education at universities or equivalent institutions or colleges of technology.
Art visa
A residence permit established to accept musicians, literary artists, painters, writers, etc. from abroad for the purpose of international exchange in the field of art
Intra-company transfer visa
It is a residence status to accommodate international business development of corporate activities and to accept professional technicians who are transferred to business sites in Japan from business sites outside Japan due to personnel changes.
Entertainer visa
A status of residence established to accept entertainers and professional athletes who provide entertainment from abroad.

For those who stay or live in Japan

Family Residence Visa
Permanent Resident Visa
Japanese Spouse Visa
Permanent Resident’s Spouse Visa
Settlement Visa
Naturalization Application

For those studying in Japan

Study abroad visa
Training visa

Other achievements, administrative scrivener work

Company founded support
the construction industry
real estate TakuKengyo
travel industry